Gift Set 40 The Avengers (5)

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This is a really nice Gift Set 40 featuring an original white Lotus Elan and an original red Bentley with steel wheels. 

The Bentley is in excellent condition with an original Steed character at the wheel. 

The Lotus is all original. It has paint missing from the headlamp covers and front and rear bumper areas and the suspension is not that great, quite hard at the rear, although that is not something anyone would notice on display. It has the correct number plates. Mrs Peel is a replacement character, as are the brollies, however not at all easy to distinguish.

The box is one of the best reproductions I have found, using the right weight and colour of card as well as being professionally printed and folded, scored and glued. Most I see from other suppliers are too bright or just badly printed or constructed, usually both.

A particularly nice example of this set for a collection and display.

I specialise in The Avengers sets and material and have several alternative sets in reproduction boxes also available.