Corgi Model Club

In 2020 a replica  of the 474 Ford Thames Wall's Ice Cream Van (Musical version) was issued by the Corgi Model Club to those in the UK who subscribed to what was to be a regular monthly supply. Problems in China and then COVID-19 meant that this first subscription was cancelled and a fresh marketing effort was made in 2021 and the Corgi Model Club finally got on its feet. They issued the same replica 474 model and have since kept broadly to providing members with a new model every month since then.

There has been universal praise, not only for the quality of the replicas but also for the excellent Customer Service and attitude of those running the organisation. Whilst the models are made in China and are almost too perfect in finish and fittings, they do represent a fascinating new collection and are proving popular.

Being available only to members at UK addresses and with only one model being permitted to each address has created a substantial demand amongst those abroad who are keen to pay good prices to obtain samples from members. Soon it is anticipated that this demand will subside as it is planned for those abroad to be able to order directly but, for now, there are many models that are much sought-after.