163 Ford Capri Santa Pod Gloworm

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This is a crazy version of the Ford Capri, issued as part of a series of dragsters and other weird machines from 1971 to 1973 or thereabouts.

These are pretty much a separate collecting area of their own and prices seem to vary considerably with boxed editions going for a song sometimes and at other times making high prices as they don't seem that easy to find now. This is one of the better ones and is in great condition, showing just a few chips to the white paintwork.

The stickers are all there and are original. the windows are good and the wheels clean. One tyre at the back has split but that is really not easy to see on display.

The lift-up mechanism works smoothly and is a great feat of Corgi engineering too, showing an odd-looking driver lurking at the back, just visible through all the metalwork.