306 Morris Marina in metallic lemon

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One of the early Whizzwheel models that, apart from the wheels, could sit happily with the others in the normal range.

This is an attractive model, also available in bronze-red, both shades I remember well in the 1970s. It is an unusual car to have in the range as it was not exactly something we would get excited about seeing on the road and it had quite a few jokes cracked about its ability to stay on the road. Apart from the Ford Cortina (and even that has Graham Hill as an excuse and is a GXL model too) and a Renault 16 (but that was just a re-release of the normal wheel version) this must have sat oddly next to the weird and the wonderful Whizzwheels in 1971.

These models are getting hard to find. This is unmarked with great chrome, nice jewels, clean windows and even good suspension! It has the 'crown' type of wheel which, I believe, all Marinas were produced with.

A great opportunity to add this model to your collection.