R261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 - 2022 second reissue

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Because the Club were not satisfied with the paint finish on their first issue, and one or two other minor things, they made a new version, released in June 2022 for members. There was an option for the first issue to be returned for the free replacement or members could order another.

This is a second issue model.

All the features work well and it looks pretty stunning. It will be supplied with the 'secret instructions' documents that came with it and outer box and everything is as new.

There has been some confusion around these two issues - the matt 1st issue and shinier 2nd issue - because the Corgi Model Club appear to have issued the same limited issue documentation with some of the 2nd issue as they issued with the first! I have discovered that Certificates of Authenticity numbered after 3100 are (almost certainly) 2nd issue models so you need to be careful when purchasing a 1st issue as the photos may not be good enough for you to distinguish between the scarce 1st issue and what will be a much more common 2nd issue.