301 Iso Grifo (adapted)

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This Iso Grifo had faulty suspension and was not suitable for display or sale so I decided to replace those awful Whizzwheels. In my view, it looks so much better although I do appreciate that it is no longer original and not likely to be of much interest to more than a few people who like this sort of thing.

It is the first version of the model with an all blue roof and white interior and everything is otherwise as it was apart from the wheels and suspension. There was no easy repair to the suspension and so the axles have been fixed to the base and have no movement now. So I would not recommend playing with this and simulating hard braking or cornering as the axles might just come away from the base and need re-attachment! Of course, you may have the skills necessary to refit some suspension and make a more successful; adaptation - I just would like someone to give this a good home but  am also quite happy to see this on my desk.