500 US Army Land Rover

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In November 1963 the Land Rover was issued as an export model to the US in matt khaki finish, cream stars on the bonnet and doors and a khaki canopy. These are extremely scarce with just 17000 produced. You will appreciate its scarcity when compared with the 25000 figure for the RAF Land Rover which is almost impossible to find now and the 48000 Whizzwheels purple Rover 2000TC.

Things appear complicated as it was re-issued in March 1965 as 357 and called a Weapons Carrier. The two can, however, be distinguished. The later model has distinctly white stars and the window unit fits in such a way that the rear window is indented. On the 500 model, the rear window fills the space to provide a smooth finish at the back of the cab. You will also see a sort of 'frame' in that cab window, something all the early 1962-3 Land Rover models had.

As far as I am aware both lemon and red interiors are possible but I have only seen lemon myself.

This is a great example of a genuine 500 model and it has almost no sign of being played with other than having lost its canopy and the broken aerial. The paintwork is very good indeed and has not been subjected to considerable handling which can destroy the matt effect of the paint. There is silver work on the headlamps only and the hook is intact.

The front axle is bent but it doesn't affect the display of the model and the suspension is sound all round, with what look like original, larger size tyres on very fresh-looking silver wheels.