357 Land Rover Weapons Carrier

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The 357 Weapons Carrier is basically a re-issue of the 500 US Army Land Rover, primarily an export edition issued in 1963 and not available in the shops here in the UK until it appears a year or so later as 357. The valuable 500 can be distinguished by stars which are distinctly creamy in colour rather than white and the rear window has a sort of 'frame' in the perspex design. The window unit creates a rear window that is smooth and flush with the rear of the cab. The later, simpler, unit used in the 357 creates a sort of indented rear window.

This 357 example is superb, with barely a mark on its matt khaki paintwork and good clean and clear windows. The suspension is sound and wheels shiny. The star decals are all excellent.

The aerial is missing and so too is the canopy. This is the version with red seats. Everything is entirely original.