351S RAF Land Rover

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This has to be one of the hardest Corgi Toys from this era to find. It is the very scarce RAF Land Rover with suspension and interior which, according to the books, was issued in December 1962 and withdrawn the same month. 

I have studied these carefully as there are many reproductions around but I am quite content that this one is original (apart, I should say, from the paper roundel that I have added!) A key feature to distinguish an original from a copy would seem to be the rear window which should be flush with the outside of the cab and, of course, you need to check the rivets and the colour of the paintwork under the wheel arches and near the front bumper.

This example has clearly been played with and lost a fair bit of paint along the way but the screens remain clear and undamaged and the body itself is intact, the front bumper also still pretty straight. Many get bent or snap. The metal hook at the back is not complete but that is really the only real fault.

You will not find another of these very easily and the price has to reflect this being, in my opinion, much rarer than some of the better known scarce items like the 'Pop Art' Mini.