1133 International US Army Troop Carrier

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There are two International Army Truck models in the Corgi Catalogue - 1118 which ran from 1959 to 1964 and can be found with UK, NL and US features and 1133 which is solely a US version.

With text along the bonnet and an indent in the canopy for the star, this model is very likely to be the later 1133 model and it is also lacking the insignia on the front or back. I say likely because there is no definitive material on these models. Some people take the view that there may have been 1118 US models with text along the bonnet and the box illustrations tend to support that possibility. The first US models, however, seem to have had stars on the bonnet and the flat canopy which may, or may not, have had a star transfer attached whilst the 1133 models seem to have the stars on the doors and have a canopy with an indent where the star is affixed.

There are also two types of body; one that appears solid when viewed from the side and the other you can see through with a gap between the chassis and load section. Again, it is not clear but, in the main, I find 1118 models to be the solid ones and 1133 to be the 'see-through' type. There do appear to be variations, however, with some 1118 models appearing to have the later body style so it is only a general guide!

The later 1133 model was termed a US Troop Carrier and was not produced for a long period. This is a nice example with very clean and mostlt=y unmarked paintwork and good, clear windows. the canopy is in good condition too and it has a spare wheel inside.