1118 International Army Truck US Edition (rare)

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Corgi extended the excellent International 6x6 Truck's appeal by adding US Army stars and decals (as well as a Dutch version too). Strangely, in a later 1133 edition, specified as a US Troop Transporter, a different tin canopy had the star transfer placed in a small depressed circular section. This was only available from 1965 for a year or so and not many were sold so it is not that common to find in good original condition now. This is possibly even scarcer, being one of the early US editions that have the canopy with a star affixed but there is no depression, otherwise a plain canopy.

It also has a blue and red insigna on both the front wing and rear tail section. This I had thought was only used on the UK editins but as this model has an original star on the bonnet it must be an American edition and  guess the insignia was an Allied Forces one anyway so it remains appropriate. Either that or it is an error, with models being required for the US market and only those with the insignia were available at the time so a star was added and off they went!
Many do get confused with 1133 but the 1188 was around for much longer from May 1959 until 1964 although I don't know for how long there was a US version.

There are two main types of this truck: one has a clear gap between the rear chassis and load area, the other is solid. This one is solid. I presume there will be both types for both 1118 and 1133 but that remains to be confirmed.

This example is excellent. Great, clear windows, nice paintwork, intact transfers and a smooth tin canopy. There is even a spare tyre and the rear hook has survived too! This is the first example I have seen with a flat canopy in many years and it is, I believe, very scarce.