1401 Elevating Service Ramp with original box

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Something special here. In April 1958 Corgi added this lovely piece of garage equipment to the range. There had been  a very similar item in production under the Mettoy name, painted red and silver, I believe, and with the same elevation system. So it may have been logical to re-brand it as Corgi and, indeed, they sold nearly 100,000 until it ceased in 1961.

That is not a huge number in Corgi sales terms, however, similar to the sales of Mechanical editions of the early range, and good examples are few and far between now. This example is like new and my guess is that it has ever been played with. There is still the original packing piece that fold around the ramp and the ramp itself is delightfully free of scratches or chips.

The ratchet mechanism works - although I had to struggle a bit to get it flat again. That may be more my inability to work the lever properly for fear of causing damage! It does, though, go up, stay up and folds flat again - with a bit of assistance perhaps being necessary sometimes.

The box is excellent but is missing some small inner flaps and there are two tears as you can see in the photos. A remarkably well-preserved item all round, though.