375 Toyota 2000GT in purple with original box

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An excellent model from the Whizzwheels era that was only available for a short period between 1970 and 1972. Using the James Bond cast from #336 this has superb shiny purple paintwork - the sort of mirror finish that Corgi were doing at that time with the Corvette.

I have not seen another model in this colour and there is also a more common blue shade. This purple is very hard to find.

Although it sports Whizzwheels, there are lovely jewels front and rear, especially at the rear and a classic Corgi interior. The Whizzwheels are the later style on this model, rather than the more common 'pepper-pot' type.

This example is in excellent condition only lacking an aerial. Like so many Whizzwheels models the suspension is almost non-existent but it is quite normal, not broken, and this this really doesn’t detract from an otherwise fabulous car. These are now very much sought-after in this shade.

This has an original outer box with a replacement card insert. There is some wear to the outside but it is complete and quite clean in fact. There are some cracks in the cellophane window.

You may think that there are two different models illustrated in the photos but it really is teh same model. this paint is very difficult to photograph in some lighting conditions and it appears almost as blue as the other one. I have included a comparison, though, to make it clear!