Gift Set 4 Country Farm Set

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This is a scarce set that was only available for a short period between 1973 and 1974 when it was replaced by Gift Set 5, which had the same tractor and trailer but with just the farm animals and fences, losing  this extraordinary pile of hay and some very funny-looking characters on top. The driver is also omitted in Gift Set 5.

This one features the Massey Ferguson 50B tractor with a driver, the same chap as was last seen on the Massey Ferguson 165 issues, and a trailer which is a re-use of the one issued in blue for the Gift Set 19 with Nipper Plane.

The tractor is like new, with barely a mark that I have spotted but the trailer has some wear. Admittedly you can't see it because the load covers most of the paintwork but my guess is that these two didn't come from the same original set. Not that that matters really.

The trailer is missing a piece of plastic fence at the rear and there are no fences or animals with this one. The tractor is unusual in having an all black roof. Most have just part black.

It all looks pretty good on display and the two village idiots will certainly be a talking point!