438 Land Rover (early edition) and trailer from Gift Set 22 (5)

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This appeared with an all yellow flatbed trailer. The two models are very rare, found only in early editions of the Farming Gift Set 22 for a short period in 1962-3. 

The Land Rover is the first green 438 and is quite different from the deep green issued individually in boxes, being a mid-green colour similar to the 406 that it replaced. It would not have had a canopy either. The yellow trailer is similar to the later issues of 101 Platform Trailer but has a yellow platform as well as chassis. 

The Land Rover has a yellow interior and free-spinning shaped wheels as for all early 438s, with good suspension. The hook is present but has been re-affixed, not that many will notice.

The all yellow trailer is also unique to this set and difficult to find now. This example is complete and original. There is very little paint loss along the edges and the flat bed itself is very good. The wheels and tyres are good. This has free-spinning wheels.

As this is so scarce a combination the price has to be quite high as they are difficult to find models in any condition. Photos comparing the two greens are included here for reference.