Gift Set 38 Monte Carlo 1965 (1)

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The price for a set in an original box is quite extraordinary, regularly achieving around £1500 as and when they appear, even with less than mint models inside! So here is a very reasonable, and yet still very attractive, alternative where I have sourced a decent reproduction box and added three very good models.

The Mini is hard to find these days but this one still has its correct original transfers. Many have a much too white transfer for the racing number and that is in quite the wrong font too and stands out a mile. This is one of the best I have seen for a while.

The Rover often has the wrong transfer design too and that can be just as bad. This one is really excellent, all original and with no crack in the rear window as many now have. the metallic crimson paint is really nice and it is totally original, again one of the best examples I have seen recently.

The Citroen is almost impossible to track down now with an original and undamaged aerial unless you are prepared to pay very high sums. This is a scarce really nice example with minimal playwear as you can see and a sound original aerial in place too!

All the models have good suspension and are entirely original and untouched. It will be hard to find a better set. The box is as good as seems to be available. The card is a little thick but the base is firm and is does make an excellent display.