324 Marcos 1800GT

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Here is the first edition of the Marcos 1800GT, looking good with wire wheels. This has an opening bonnet and doors with a driver who often goes missing. There are three to look for, this one with thin green stripes, a fat green stripe variation and a blue stripe model which was for export to Canada, according to some reports.

This example has lost its numbers but as they are just stick-on discs, they'll be easy to find and re-apply if desired.

The doors on this one close pretty much in line, which is good as many of these models have loose doors that don't look good now. It also has its original driver and good screens and clean interior. It has good paintwork which just a few chips which do, of course, show up on the white paintwork.

The suspension and tyres and wheels are all good and this is a nice example of the model.