323 Citroen DS19 Monte Carlo *with original box*

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There were three original Monte Carlo Rally celebration cars: the #321 Mini, the #322 Rover and #323 Citroen DS19. Each were the earlier standard cars but with jewelled headlights or foglights added and they were very smart variants.

Not easy to track down now in good condition and, because of the subsequent years’ races and different winners, they were not produced for long at all.

The Citroen is probably teh hardest to find now and, especially difficult to find one with an original aerial! A box is also very scarce. Here we have both available. The car has had some varnish applied at some time and attempts to remove that have made a mess of the paintwork. It is all original, including the decals and that aerial but is well-worn looking now.

The box is very fresh and clean with good colours but it is missing the flaps at one end. The box is certainly suitable for display from most angles and is valuable, probably more so than the model inside.