M455 Karrier Bantam CWS *pre-Corgi model* (1)

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Before the 1956 launch of Corgi Toys there were a few items produced by Mettoy, two of which were later re-issued as Corgis. One was the Service Ramp and the other was this lovely Karrier Bantam which you may recognise as being issued later in blue.

This was produced as a promotional item for the Co-operative Wholesale Society with the transfer as shown on the rear panel.

This is a nice example with original red and black paint that has not been retouched at all. It has clearly lost some paint over the years but remains solid and bright. The wheels are a domed variety, fixed to the axle and this was made before the days of windows! The transfer on the rear is original, slightly damaged in places.

These are sought after now and command high prices when they do appear at auctions.