470 Jeep FC-150 in dark blue with red interior

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This is the later issue of the Jeep FC-150. The 409 model was replaced by the 470 which was first produced in beige and then later in this dark blue. Most dark blue models you will find have cast wheels but this is slightly less common with normal shaped wheels. It does, however, have the later style of tyres fitted which dates it to late 1967 but also no later than mid 1968 when teh cast wheels were fitted.

So this is quite scarce and also with the red interior instead of lemon.

It is a fine example with very few signs of being played with, just some wear along the top edge of the truck section and a small chip on a roof corner. The windows are excellent and the grey plastic tow hook is in place. The wheels are tyres are all original and very clean and tidy.