450 Austin Minivan with silver grille (2)

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It seems that there are three main variations of the good old Mini Van: plain green grille, an Austin Countryman style grille and the plain grille painted silver.

There may be a Countryman grille painted silver too but I haven’t seen one yet!

This is the one with a silver grille and these are not at all easy to find. You also need to be careful that it isn’t just some later painting that has taken place!

This example is in very good condition with solid suspension and the windows are clean and not cracked. The paintwork can get rough on these and also fades to a grey colour in sunlight but this is really nice and shows only one or two very tiny marks to the paintwork. The silver grille is original, with the owner adding RAC and AA badges back in the 1960s. A fabulous example from my own collection.