9004 The World of Wooster Bentley 1927 3 Litre with characters

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9004 is the green Bentley with a folded hood and dark grey running board and mudguards. No numbers or flag and steel wheels. It came with Jeeves driving and Bertie Wooster standing casually at the side.

The Jeeves ones have a distinctly red interior - quite different from either 9002 or the green Bentley occasionally found in Avengers Sets, the running boards being another fairly obvious difference.

This is a splendid example. The paintwork is immaculate, even the rail edges. The horn is in place and the screen sound and handbrake in place. The screen is original.

It has the correct but very dark gold radiator and headlamp surrounds. Maybe these will brighten up if polished but I have not tried.

Both Bertie and Jeeves are included. Bertie is a reproduction figure, but an excellent one. Jeeves is original. The horn is a replacement too. The wheels are steel and in excellent condition all with original good tyres.