900 Bentley 1927 3½ litre (first issue of red edition)

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A very nice example of the 1964 Corgi Classics issue of the old Bentley in red with red wheels. This has a full hood and a driver wrapped in white (the same driver was used for both this and the 9001 Le Mans edition!!) It was initially released as 900 for both green and red models, later issues were numbered 9001 and 9002 respectively.

There are two versions of the box. This is the early thin card, large box with insert type and has the complete tray with retainer and foam insert.

The model is in excellent condition with no obvious faults that I can see. The driver is very clean and usually you'll find them to be either aged or just grubby. The box is complete and clean and tidy but has a small tear at one edge and one end flap has been repaired. There is an original insert with details of the Classic issue. It appears that both the 9001 and 9002 models had the same insert which detailed the Le Mans edition and its racing history as well as providing an application form for the Club.

There are several of these around and they did not sell well at the time, not really appealing to the same market as other Corgis and there were not that many adult collectors in a market which already had teh Matchbox King Size similar models. Finding ones that are original and have the horn and screen intact as well as original packing, however, is more difficult.