Gift Set 19 Chipperfields Land Rover and Elephant Trailer

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Here is a nice original Chipperfields Land Rover with an early tin canopy together with a Chipperfields platform trailer.

The canopy has original Chipperfields stickers on the sides in good condition. It has several scratches but is still presentable. the Land Rover is good, again with a few marks to the red paintwork but with excellent windows and a straight front bumper and a tow hook in place still.

The suspension is good and tyres all original on shiny shaped wheels.

The trailer is a mid-production edition with fixed shaped wheels and solid drawbar. The paintwork is very good with just paint loss on the top edges.

The set should include the plastic elephant cage and grey elephant but this are missing at present. I hope to add them to the listing but, for now, the items are available as they stand.