438 Land Rover Chipperfields Circus 1

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If you look carefully at Corgi's red Land Rovers you will see that there are two distinct shades of red. Neither were issued in a box so they're not really '438' models but either from one of two Chipperfields Circus Gift sets or the Ferrari Racing Gift Set. This one would have had a blue tin canopy as it is one of the earliest Chipperfields issues, denoted by the 'frame' in the rear window from the first type of window unit fitted to Land Rover Series II models.

It is finished in the darker shade of red and this example is in good overall condition. There are plenty of signs that it has been played with but it remains entirely original and no-one has attempted to paint over the worn bits or repair anything. The front bumper often gets bent and this one has a slight curve but really nothing to worry about.

The windows are clean and clear and it has the tin hook in place and unbroken. The five tyres are Corgi originals and the correct size.