322 Rover 2000 International Rally Edition *with original box*

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This is one of the more difficult models to find these days. It is the second edition of the Rover 2000 as #322 with the Monte Carlo finish replaced by the Sun International Rally white with a black bonnet and cast wheels replacing the shaped ones.

Interestingly, the front end has also been remodelled below the bumper with the fog lights removed and an air intake added. There were fewer of these sold in 1967 when it was available for a short time, according to the records published, than of the Gift Set 38 and we know how difficult those can be to find now.

This example is totally original, with original transfers. The paintwork is very good with what looks like a small touch-in on the roof as you'll see but that is all and it has excellent original and complete transfers. The screens are fine, as is the suspension and the cast wheels are clean and have the correct later-style tyres. The casting is undamaged, jewels present and Trans-o-lite system working. There is a very small crack close to the where the Trans-o-lite system joins the rear screen.
A very nice example of a hard model to find now. This listing also includes an original 322 model box which is quite fresh-looking but which has one large and one small end flap missing. I have also included a fine reproduction paper 'sticker' which would have been applied to cover the earlier image on one side. I have not attached this as the box may be sold to someone for the earlier model but it makes an excellent display addition. The box itself is original and firm and really quite attractive and hard to find these days.