302 MGA in metallic blue-green with cream seats

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The third of the four ‘old English’ sports cars that were produced in the early days. This came out in May 1957 and was around for many years but there are few variations. It will mostly be in either metallic blue-green with cream seats or red with cream seats. There are a few with a pale metallic green and a brighter yellow for the seats. Later editions will have shaped wheels, although I believe every model will have fixed wheels.

The windscreens seldom will have lasted nearly 60 years on these but this one is, indeed, original. I think this is the best-looking of the four sports cars from those days. This one is in good condition apart from varnish which has been poorly applied at some point in its past. However the model is all original, complete and has a clean base too. 

This has the less common shaped wheels which are nice and shiny with good tyres.
There is also a nice, fresh-looking box. Whilst the box is missing the flaps at one end it still looks nice on display from most angles and these original boxes are not easy to find now.
Please note that the model shown in the photos with the box is not the one for sale here.