204 Rover 90

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The Rover 90 gets a two-tone finish in 1959, extending the life of this model by another year or two. Not the most popular of the initial range, this change of colour didn't make a great deal of difference in that respect but now is quite sought after.

This example is all original and in good condition with just a few signs of playwear but nothing too bad at all. The windows are nicely clean and clear and the wheels bright and shiny with what look like original tyres. The base is excellent.

The off-white or cream upper paintwork was not applied very evenly and, like many examples of this model, the cerise colour shows through in many places. You do have to wonder how these got through quality control but now we just see them as 'normal'!

Many of the Rovers had terrible casting flaws too, with gaps and misalignment common. This one, however, is very good.