204 Morris Mini Minor in mid-blue with silver base Whizzwheels (3)

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For a short period, 1972 to 1973, Corgi brought out the old #226 cast, fiddled with it a bit and painted it orange or blue, maybe with a black roof too for good measure.

And they put Whizzwheels on it. Mini collectors will often miss this one because it was not around for long and I really don’t remember seeing it at all in those days. The ‘normal’ mini was still around in that lovely purple shade and I wouldn't mind betting that many shops had a good stock of them and didn't exactly push sales of this version.

These are not cheap and quite sought after. This is a very nice example of a rare mid-blue non-metallic variant with a silver base. It has excellent paintwork and the screens are clean and clear with no damage.

Suspension was never much on these - this one’s actually good. It’s clean and tidy and quite unusual, all the other blue ones I've had were metallic and of a darker shade.