200 Ford Consul late edition *with original box*

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This is a really nice example of the second edition of the Ford Consul issued in 1969 with a two-tone paint finish. The paintwork is very good indeed and has just very tiny marks which I only really noticed i the photos I have just taken!

The windows are all clean and clear and the wheels shiny with good tyres. The base is also very clean and fresh-looking, without the usual rust.

This has some Corgi Accessory Pack registration plates fixed to the back and rather oddly on the front grille. It is interesting to see that Corgi didn't construct a place for a registration plate on the front as they have done with most other cars.

The box that is supplied with this model is superb, one of the best I have had and it is worth more than the car inside. These are really quite rare these days as so many were discarded or have suffered over the 60+ years. This one is the first type of all blue box which would have been superseded by the blue and yellow type shortly after this model was issued. It is quite unusual, therefore, to have this combination.