248 Chevrolet Impala with cast wheels (1)

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The second issue of the Chevrolet Impala saloon was short-lived and these can be hard to find now. Even scarcer is the late edition which has cast wheels.

This is an all original example but with poor paintwork.

The windows are good, without any cracks, just minimal scratches here and there.

The cast wheels are not at all easy to clean and brighten up. I guess there will be a compound that someone knows about to clean them but I have yet to discover it. The wheels are all good, though, not damaged and the suspension is sound all round. 

This has one original tyre that is quite hard but intact plus three new but original Corgi tyres I have fitted. Usually, I would expect this particular edition to have the later 'branded' tyre but as I am sure the one tyre it had is an original from new it must have been produced just before the new style was being fitted.

These are seriously hard to find in any condition, being the last production models of the already very short-lived model and so the price, even for this less than perfect one, has to be high.