248 Chevrolet Impala (5)

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This is a classic Corgi model, the revised issue where they extended the old originals from 1961 in 1965 by slicing them in half and inserting a chrome element which provided a nice front and rear for the models as well as a wide strip down each side.

This second edition was not produced for very long though and good examples are hard to find now.

There was only one colour combination - this two-tone coffee and cream - and it is a very iconic and readily identifiable Corgi model.

This example is beautiful. It has very minimal signs of playwear with just tiny marks on the edges of the fins and a scratch and mark on the roof. The chrome is excellent and the windows are clean and undamaged. The wheels are bright and the suspension sound, with a very clean base. A really good example, probably the best I have at this time and in my own collection.