Gift Set 20 The Golden Guinea Set 3 cars

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This is a scarce set, with only 23,000 said to have been produced. That makes the models comparable to gems like the 351S RAF Land Rover which had a similar quantity and less than half the stated figures for the 242 Fiat Ghia Jolly and 281 Rover 2000TC. It is a really small quantity but prices don't yet seem to reflect this for some reason.
The contents are an odd selection. The only common theme seems to be that each were first issued in mid-1961 and had something that opened. There is a glorious Bentley Continental Sports Saloon, exactly as the 224 model but now in gold-plated finish. Next is a 234 Ford Consul Classic, again as issued and now gold-plated. The third is the 229 Chevrolet Corvair which gets a new red interior and a gold-plated finish.
The gold finish, sometimes more like silver on some examples, often degrades a lot but on these models the finish is not too bad and they all look very attractive.
The Bentley has its spare and all the red jewels in place at the rear. These often go missing. 
The Ford Paintwork has a few more chips than the other two. This set has been revised to offer a better Chevrolet than previously. I have other examples of the Bentley and Chevrolet in stock and while they remain available I could change the content of this set if required. As it stands, however, it is priced very reasonably for such scarce items.