438 Land Rover 'Quake Up' Edition (1)

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Corgi 438 Rare Promotional Quaker Oats Land Rover.

In 1975, Quaker Oats introduced a new cereal aimed at children called ‘Quake Up’. As part of the marketing of the cereal, they offered to give away a free Corgi ‘Tarzan’ Land Rover model to anyone who sent a stamped addressed envelope to a PO Box in Lancashire. The model itself was the basic metallic green Whizzwheels 438 Land Rover with zebra stripes (from the Daktari & Longleat models), but no canopy, spare wheel, tow bar, bonnet spike or box. The models were purchased in bulk by Quaker from Corgi and simply returned in the envelope to the applicants. If the envelope was too small, the packers would cut it up and paste it to a simple mail away box. The cereal was not popular and the offer was quickly withdrawn.

We’re almost at the end of my era of interest here but I have to include this fascinating item.  These have made several hundred at auctions and seem pretty rare.

This example is in excellent condition, clear screens, nice wheels with very nice paintwork. there is a small dent to the rear but barely noticeable. The wheels, usually these suffer over the years but these have stayed almost as new.