270 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Type 5 mint with original box

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This is an example of the very last 270 model and it is immaculate.

This one is the Whizzwheels edition and loses the tyre slashers, as well as the revolving number plate. These have gold grilles and bumpers and started with Type 4 that has a grey base and then this last Type 5 with a silver base which would have been available from early 1977 through to about April 1978 when the bigger scale model was introduced. So it was not around for that long and is not that common.

This example is in mint condition. It is totally original. The box is the correct late 1977 type and has probably only been opened to take the photos. The spare baddie is in the slot at the side. There was no instruction sheet for these at this time, the rear of the box illustrating what to do.

This is a rare opportunity to get such a sought after item in this condition.

These Bond Aston Martins are complicated. Be careful to check what you're buying. Many are now being restored too. There are five main types that can be fairly easily identified:

Type 1: Early 1968 - mid 1969
Tyre slashers, silver bumpers, base has a circular section at the rear, grey base.

Type 2: mid 1969 - end 1975
as before but with gold bumpers.

Type 3: 1976
as before but with an oval shape on the base

Type 4: early 1977 only
Whizzwheels, grey base

Type 5: early 1977 - early 1978
Whizzwheels, silver base.