Gift Set 17 Land Rover with Ferrari on Trailer (1)

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A good example of the Gift Set 17 components from an original early set.

The Land Rover is always a red edition and this one is a slightly darker shade and in fair condition with just small chips to the paintwork. The wheels are clean and the front bumper is unusually straight and true. It has an original canopy and is all original with a hook in place. This is the correct early Land Rover, as shown by the 'frame' effect of the early type of window unit which fits flash at the rear of the cab.

The trailer is the first type, slightly shorter and without the hatching that appears on later ones, and is all yellow as should be the case for this set with small smooth wheels. It is in very good condition with just minor wear to the  yellow paintwork, and with a complete and intact towing ring.

The Ferrari is good with nice red paintwork but small chips around the nose. It has an original driver although, to me, this seems entirely inappropriate as no racing driver would feel happy to sit in his car, on a trailer, a few feet behind the exhaust of of an Land Rover!

The racing car is a later edition, technically incorrect for this set which ceased being sold some years before there were changes to the Ferrari casting and wheel type. However, few will notice this on display. It has the later post-1967 style tyres and less open RN36 and smaller Ferrari emblem.